James O'Dowd, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18588
Tel: 415.725.0804

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Psychotherapy and Counseling in San Francisco.


Couples Therapy in San Francisco 


Many couples come for help when their relationship has hit a significant ‘bump’ in the road.  

During our work together, I will hold both you and your partners’ perspectives in mind. We will consider each of your needs, while simultaneously attending to the needs of the relationship. We will focus on developing and improving communication skills as well as problem solving skills. Most importantly, we will help each partner articulate unacknowledged feelings and wounds.  It has been my experience that this uncovering process is often the most important, and without it, communication and problem solving are often undermined. By learning, practicing and implementing these skills, you will help lay the foundation for a more rewarding and harmonious relationship with your partner.


Many couples come for help when their relationship has hit a 'bump' in the road. It's during these periods when it becomes clear to us just how difficult it is to be in a relationship. These breakdowns can often leave us feeling alone. Read more...


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