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Teen Therapy in San Francisco

Being a teenager in San Francisco can be hard. 

Teenagers experience an incredible amount of rapid change. The stress of these changes can often be overwhelming and leave a teen feeling unable to cope.  Additionally, teens are at a point in their lives where direct communication of their emotions is still an underdeveloped skill. When teens experience pain, but are unable to express themselves, they may act out their feelings – some times in destructive ways. Poor school performance, oppositional and defiant attitudes, and drug and alcohol use, may be how a teen is signaling parents to pay closer attention to them. Such circumstances may warrant professional help.

I provide counseling to teens in a safe, supportive, and confidential space so they can find their voice, feel heard and understood. My approach involves developing a ‘real’ relationship with each teen using humor, understanding, validation, and when appropriate, direction and confrontation. I help teens develop coping skills to tolerate difficult feelings, express them appropriately, make clear choices and informed decisions, and forge healthier relationships with the important people in their lives. Additionally, I am certified as an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Specialist (CAATS) and am experienced in making assessments and developing treatment plans to address chemical abuse and dependency problems.


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