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Anger Management in San Francisco

We all get angry.  In fact, anger is a normal, even healthy emotion.  We feel anger when we are hurt, wounded or wronged.  During these vulnerable moments, anger makes us feel bigger, stronger and more powerful.  And therein lies the paradox of anger: by using anger to step out of the victim role, we often wind up victimizing others (and often the ones we care most about). 

I want to help you with your anger. Our work together will involve learning how to tolerate the more complicated and vulnerable feelings that underlie anger. This process often involves challenging the negative narratives that play in our minds. I will also help you develop an effective arsenal of coping strategies to manage the moments when your anger is at a tipping point.  Finally, we will "rewind and replay” meltdowns and anger outbursts that have occurred in the past, and role-play new ways to communicate your feelings in more positive and healthy ways.



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